The 6 Biggest Earthmoving Business Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

earthmoving business mistakes

Let’s face it, the industry can be quite up and down at times… Add to that, unpredictable weather conditions don’t make our lives any easier. These unplanned events can put a serious dint in your earthmoving businesses cash flow. If your cash flow isn’t as healthy as you’d like then don’t fret. It’s possible you could be spending too much time working in your … Read More

How Cheap Imported Safety Handrails Affect Your Business

imported safety handrails

Since OHS reforms (bare with me), Australian earthmoving operators have been used to high quality safety handrails and protection accessories. There are now certain machines being shipped out of Asia with cheap pre-installed and imported safety handrails. The quality and durability of these handrails is questionable to say the least. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Now, I … Read More

5 Resources For Growing Your Earthmoving Business

growing your earthmoving business

Growing your Earthmoving Business is tough… Continually obtaining new business is a challenge that I’m sure you can relate to. With over 15 years industry experience, I’ve seen my fair share of Earthmoving businesses come and go with common trends emerging. It’s always the same… These guys burst into the industry. Then, they’re gone.. Quicker than the Tigers are knocked out of the … Read More

How To Save Money And Protect Your Business From Fuel Theft

fuel theft

Has your worksite been hit by fuel thieves yet? It’s one of the biggest scourges of the construction industry. Fuel is one of the biggest earthmoving fleet costs, generally accounting for 30% of total expenses. Theft costs earthmoving and construction businesses like yours, over $390 million per year. Now it’s hard to attribute what percentage of this figure relates to fuel … Read More

4 Guaranteed Construction Security Measures

construction security

Vandals and thieves. Can you think of any lower life form? I know I certainly can’t… It seems that every Friday down at the pub, one of my mates worksites has again been hit by vandals and thieves. We subbies work extremely hard for what we have. We lift heavy stuff. We Work long hours. We get down and dirty … Read More

Why You Needed Excavator Safety Handrails Yesterday…

safety handrails for excavators

Excavator Safety Handrails and… OHS… Have I put you to sleep yet? Hearing and reading about these topics is likely to produce the same affect as ingesting multiple sleeping pills. In my experience, these OHS Safety Officers are nothing but a pain in the ass.. (Excuse my French) It seems these ‘Safety Nazi’s’ will stop at nothing to give you a ticket and … Read More

Why It Pays To Invest In Earthmoving Protection

vandal guards for excavators

Vandal Guards… Let’s go straight into why you need them. If the above photo wasn’t enough to convince you (haha). I’m writing this article today, frustrated after reading yet another article on the topic of earthmoving vandalism. It’s something that’s so easily avoidable through the installation of vandal guards for excavators and earthmoving machinery. So… Question. Have you installed vandal … Read More