5 Resources For Growing Your Earthmoving Business

growing your earthmoving business

Growing your Earthmoving Business is tough…

Continually obtaining new business is a challenge that I’m sure you can relate to.

With over 15 years industry experience, I’ve seen my fair share of Earthmoving businesses come and go with common trends emerging.

It’s always the same…

These guys burst into the industry. Then, they’re gone.. Quicker than the Tigers are knocked out of the finals.

Problems Growing Your Earthmoving Business

There are many unpredictable elements that we have to deal with including:

  • Poor weather conditions which caused unpredictable delays.
  • Fluctuating workloads which cause huge cash flows problems for our businesses. The old saying “cash is king” couldn’t be more true for us Earthmoving guys.
  • Unreliable staff members and operators that seem to cost us more than we make. Your people are key to growing your Earthmoving Business. You should put ample time and effort into hiring the right people for your business.
  • Getting paid. Some of these clients we deal with are great… Until it comes to actually paying the bloody bill… Getting paid on time is a massive industry issue that directly affects our cash flow.
  • Removal of dirt. Excavation is the easy part. Now how on earth do we get rid of all the bloody dirt?

These are some of the many problems we face as business owners in the Earthmoving Industry.

These problems are certainly very frustrating for us…

Which is why, I’ve compiled this guide to help you grow your earthmoving business.

Let’s get straight into it.

1. Australian Earthmoving

growing your earthmoving business

Source: Australian Earthmoving

It’s extremely important when growing your earthmoving business that you keep yourself up to date on the latest industry trends.

Why? Because if you don’t, you’ll miss out on valuable new industry opportunities. You may even miss landing your next big client.

Australian Earthmoving is your one stop online resource for everything earthmoving. They have articles ranging from cutting edge excavation techniques (excuse the pun) to reviews on brand new earthmoving equipment.

You can also get advice and ‘insider tips and industry knowhow’ from fellow Earthmoving business operators by participating in the online forums.

Click here to start hearing real insight from real earthmoving business operators.

2. ACE Construction Equipment Expo

growing your earthmoving business

Source: ACE Expo

If you’re not attending this years ACE expo, you’ve got rocks in your head.

This expo is crucial for growing your Earthmoving Business.

It’s where you’ll get to see all the latest earthmoving machinery and accessories.

There’s also the opportunity to network with many influential fellow earthmoving business owners and potential new clients.

Click here to view a sitemap of all the awesome exhibitors for the upcoming show on November 12-14th, 2015.

Whilst you’re there, come visit me at booth A24. I’d love to hear all about your business needs and help you protect and secure your machines.

3. Trade Earthmover’s

growing your earthmoving business

Source: Trade Earthmover’s

Growing your earthmoving business is certainly difficult without owning or renting a machine.

Trade Earthmover’s has you sorted with everything from Excavators to Loaders.

They list over 26,000 items with popular brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi and Kobelco.

They also provide extensive reviews and actual video tests of Earthmoving Equipment in Australia.

If you’re unsure which machine you should purchase, make sure you check out the news and review tab here, first.

4. Oz Excavator Buckets

growing your earthmoving business

Source: Ox Excavator Buckets

Sourcing quality equipment at a great price is a constant earthmoving business hassle.

Oz Excavator Buckets focus on designing and constructing high quality excavator and earthmoving machinery attachments.

They focus on fast turnaround getting 90% of their orders to you within 7 working days. How awesome is that?

Through running Earthmoving Metals, I know that delivery efficiency and order turn around is key to business success.

Do you need finance for your buckets? No problem. These guys can easily sort this out for you. This ensures, you get your new buckets on site without any financial or delivery hassles.

Check these guys out here.

5. Construction Sales

growing your earthmoving business

Source: Construction Sales

Perhaps I’ve left the biggest until last. Construction sales is your one stop shop for related to Earthmoving sales.

They even have a jobs section where you can create targeted advertisements for any earthmoving positions you may have vacant in your business.

Along with having over 18,000 earthmoving equipment listings, you can also research potential financiers and insurance providers for your new or existing earthmoving machine fleet.


Well, there you have it. My five go to resources for growing your earthmoving business.

The company’s and sites on this list are definitely not all that’s out there.

There’s plenty of other handy resources which I’ll be sharing with you over the coming weeks and months.

As usual, I’d love to hear your questions and business problems.

Please let me know my commenting below or visiting the contact us section on the EMM site.