Why It Pays To Invest In Earthmoving Protection

vandal guards for excavators

Vandal Guards… Let’s go straight into why you need them. If the above photo wasn’t enough to convince you (haha).

I’m writing this article today, frustrated after reading yet another article on the topic of earthmoving vandalism.

It’s something that’s so easily avoidable through the installation of vandal guards for excavators and earthmoving machinery.

So… Question. Have you installed vandal guards on your earthmoving investment?

I’m guessing you’ve answered no…

Today I’m going let you in on a secret that will save you over $10,000 in unnecessary repair costs.

Do you also want to avoid costly delays, unhappy clients & project managers and liquidated damages?

…I thought you might.

Theft And Vandalism On Australian Building Sites

excavator vandal guards

Theft and vandalism are the two biggest problems that plague nearly every construction site.

Theft ranges from small power tools to heists of large-scale earthmoving equipment.

The Australian Institute of Criminology estimates theft and vandalism cost the construction industry over $390 million per year.

If that wasn’t enough to scare you (it made me sick to my stomach), let’s check out the following statistics.

I pulled these from the AIC report on theft and vandalism on Australian construction sites.

  • 39% of construction businesses have been affected by vandalism.
  • 41% had experienced theft, vandalism or both.
  • 66% of theft and vandalism victims had experienced more than one incident.
  • The average cost per incident for theft and vandalism is $10,441.

You can check out the full report here.

Why Spend Money Securing Your Car When An Earthmoving Machine Costs 5x As Much?

Check out this frightening statistic… (I know, I’m just full of them today)

The construction industry experiences 44.4% more theft and vandalism of earthmoving equipment than private motor vehicles.Australian Institute of Criminology

This is something that really grinds my gears.

People spend up big protecting both their cars and their homes.

But here’s the thing…

The average brand new excavator costs around $300,000.

The average private motor vehicle costs around $40,000. Now that’s a huge difference in price.

Not convinced? Take a look a the picture below…

I know which one I’d be protecting first.

excavator vandal guards

Now, I know it costs valuable time and money to continuously float your new machine back and forward each day.

This results in your new earthmoving machine being left unattended and unsupervised on-site. That could be anywhere from days, to weeks to months at a time.

Your car isn’t left unattended on building sites is it?

And I wouldn’t mind betting my left arm you’ve spent more money securing your car than your earthmoving machine…

Am I right, or am I right…?

Hell, a new home in Doreen costs about the same as a new excavator.

I can most certainly say you’ve spent more money protecting that than your new earthmoving machine.

Do you know what the funny thing is? A set of industrial strength Vandal Guards for excavators and earthmoving equipment will only set you back around $3,000.

The average theft and vandalism cost per incident is $10,411.

By my calculations, you’ve already saved yourself $7,441 through investing in excavator vandal guards.

This isn’t the only saving though…

You benefit from:

  • Less replacement costs
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Peace of mind
  • Less ‘down time’ and job delays

Installation of Vandal Guards For Earthmoving Machinery Stops Vandals And Thieves

There’s some truly sick and twisted people out there. They will stop at nothing to make sure your earthmoving machine is destroyed.

I’ve had enough experience dealing with machine vandals that I now place them into two distinct categories.

1. Young Punks

excavator vandal covers

Source: Pinterest

This category are normally amateur petty thieves and vandals.

They could be anywhere from out of control teenagers to young petty street thugs.

You’d be foolish to underestimate these guys. They’re capable of some serious damage.

In my experience, the damage ranges from smashed windows, right through to full blown arsine attacks.

Just take a look at some ‘young punk’ style damage below…

excavator vandal guards

Source: Spotlight News

excavator vandal guards

Source: Syracuse Media

2. Complete Psychopaths

excavator vandal covers

Source: IGN

These guys are professional thieves and vandals. They mean serious business.

They’ll ensure that your prized earthmoving equipment is completely destroyed and burnt to the ground.

Planned theft of entire earthmoving fleets is not beyond these guys capabilities.

Terrified enough? Maybe you should just stop reading and protect your valuable machines now before it’s too late.

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Check some of the horrific damage they’ve caused below…

excavator vandal guards

Source: Heavy Equipment Forums

excavator vandal guards

Source: Heavy Equipment Forums

excavator vandal guards

Source: Heavy Equipment Forums

Now this is what really frustrates me.

Do you notice a common theme in these photos?

No Vandal Guards…

Industrial strength vandal guards stop vandals and thieves dead in their tracks.

The machines directly above are completely written off.

This means expensive replacements costs, upwards of $100,000 and rising insurance premiums and job delays and liquidated damages and unhappy project managers and unhappy clients…

Phew! I’m out of breath. That list just went on and on.

excavator vandal guards

Have a look at this ripper why don’t you!

It’s locked up tighter than Fort Knox!

This type of machine security will deter those pesky young punks and psycho thieves and vandals.


This problem is real and it affects you and your business directly.

The statistics certainly aren’t in your favour.

If you haven’t been affected by thieves and vandals yet, your time will soon come.

It may not be today, tomorrow or next week, but you will get hit when you least expect it.

Please save yourself the trouble. I don’t want your machine featured in next weeks article…

Get yourself a set of vandal guards and protect your biggest business asset (your machine) before its too late.

I’d like to know what you think. Have you or someone you know been hit by vandals or thieves? Please let me know by commenting below.

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